DCP Specifikacije

Supported Picture File Formats:

  • DPX, JPEG2000 (J2C), TIFF, ProRes

Supported Sound File Formats:

  • WAV,16 Bit,48kHz or 96 kHz, mono, uncompressed
  • WAV,24 Bit,48kHz or 96 kHz, mono, uncompressed

Please note:WAV files with a sample rate other than 48 or 96 kHz will be converted

What happens if the audio samples are only 16 Bit?

According to SMPTE and DCI standards, audio samples shall be 24 Bit. When using 16 bit samples as input, the bit depth will be automatically up – converted to 24 bit.

Supported Subtitle File Formats:


  • Texas Instruments CineCanvas (Interop)
  • SMPTE 428-7 D-Cinema Distribution Master – Subtitle
  • SMPTE 429-5 D-Cinema Packaging – Timed Text Track File